Roller mills can be used within a system in varying numbers depending on the technically equipped capacities with respect to product types, in order to obtain the desired product by breaking and crushing cereals.


The rolling mill machine is a high-quality feed roller mill designed for grain processing, featuring rolling mill rollers and a comprehensive system for operation. It includes a product entry box, feeding system, breaking and crushing rolls, and a scraping brush and blade system. Pneumatic equipment supports its functionality, with electric automation sections, speed control systems, and a reducer motor ensuring smooth operation.

Maintaining a continuous pressure of 6 bar, clean air is supplied to the pneumatic system after processing through driers. Upon product entry into the inlet box, the precalibrated machine springs into action, dynamically controlling its input speed relative to capacity throughout the grinding process. Visual inspection onsite and technical assessment in the laboratory guarantee the output meets desired standards.


The grain roller mill boasts advantageous features such as disassemblable feeding and grinding systems, preventing waste oil accumulation and ensuring cleaner mechanical parts. Precisely spaced rolls prevent belt slippage, extending belt lifespan, particularly during abrupt stops and restarts. A newly designed belt tensioner system prolongs belt life, while heat discharge filters in the bearings maintain oil specifications, leading to extended roll bearing lifespan and reduced maintenance frequency.

Assembly and disassembly of brush and scraper systems are facilitated for part replacement. Technical enhancements like adjustments to the width of the inlet box and feeding rolls ensure a homogeneous product flow. A mechanical product router mounted on the product inlet box directs poured product to the desired location, while bar sensors enhance operational efficiency.

For advanced functionality, optional technology packages offer features such as central lubricating system belt control sensors, bearing heat control sensors, vibration sensors, and a choke sensor in the bottom exit bunker cylinder. Sensors indicating on and off positions on roller roll movement cylinders, feeding, and roll rates further enhance operational monitoring.

Precise Adjustment System

  • Extraordinary design helps the system working without any loose.

Total Sealing

  • There is a sealing cover and easily operated by hand isolates particles for keping the bearing system clean.

Roll Changing System

  • Roll set with all components can be moved out eortlessly without any disassembling and lifting up.

Hygiene Secured

  • Internal components made of stainless materials, starting from inlet through outlet.

Safe Distance

  • In case of foreign material drop, roll gap can be opened up to 4mm instantly for preventing possible damage on the system.

Single-Body Structure

  • Special Uni-Body steel frame designed for more strength. Innovative new design is proving better resistance under stress, comparing usual two separate bodied roller mill structures.

Feed System

  • In case of changing feed roll set, simply geared motor set does not require disassembling.

Bearing Lubrication

  • For more effciency, innovative vent points on bearings enables to relieve heat and pressure inside. Also, lubrication point re-located for equal wear protection inside surfaces of bearing.