It is used to break endosperm flakes obtained after reduction rolls, which aids in the flour production process.


A sliding gate sifter is a machine that is controlled with a censor, adjustable and gets its motion from a pneumatic piston through the movement of sliding gates inside of a covered body with sliding gates beared on antifriction pins.

It is used to control the product’s process in the flour mills’ transmission line. Every aspect of the project has been carefully considered in order to obtain high-standard quality machines.

The machine can be provided both in the galvanized and the printed version.

Particular attention has been dedicated to safety measures, the prevention of accidents, and environmental protection laws.


  • Can be used with screw and chain conveyors and at silo and bin outlets two different models,
  • pneumatic and manual (screw) type
  • Can be used with the PLC system
  • Easy to dismantle steel construction
  • Leakage proof
  • Easy to install
  • No maintenance