It is used to separate air from the product, which is discharged from a cyclone separator into pneumatic systems. It is installed underneath the cyclone separators and air filters. It works with the negative pressure as well as an air seal against leakage.


  • At food processing industries
  • At food Industry
  • Flour mills and semolina mills
  • Biscuit and macaroni plants
  • Chemical Industry
  • Paint, plastic, and detergent industry
  • Wooden industry
  • Soil industry
  • Cement industry
  • At other similar industrial plants

It is used at the points where the air flow ends in aspirator air conveying systems. Aspirators can suck air through a throat and press it into the atmosphere or a transport line. Aspirator can be produced in two ways, directly coupled to the filter and separately.It is the machine used to collect dust that may occur in transportation, packaging, washing, drying, shipment and other parts of the factories. In order to prevent energy waste and power loss, our aspirator is manufactured in accordance with the working capacity of our customers in line with the requests and location information.