The plansifter is designed for the sifting and grading of mealy and floury products in wheat, rye, maize , and durum mills, as well as for the sorting of different granular products and freeflowing granulates.


The sleve operates with the drive system from the top center. Control sifter works with an electric motor mounted on top of the machine. Oscillation radius can be easily adjusted with the twin balance drive system.

The Machine is manufactured in two types and each sleving frame is classified per the size of the sifting area. Plansifter sifting area is normal sized while G Type Sifter has a greater sifting area. Each plan sifter has an effective sifting feature, high effciency, capacity and performance, durable and long lasting structure providing leakproof operation through its special construction, and needs minimum maintenance. Both plansifter models consist of two main structures. These are;

  • The sifting chambers, including sifting frames and sifting passages stack. Two wooden casing sets where the sifting process is carried out.
  • Chassis and one drive unit which creates the oscillation for sifting process.

Both model plan sifters are made of special and durable carbon steel material appropriate for vibrating operations, and welded by special electrodes in milimetric tolerances. The chassis are constructed by minimizing corners and burrs are eliminated to form an even and smooth surface to prevent micro bacterial growth. Sensitive and central system boxes with high precision sifting frames offer tight and reliable structures in every flow direction.

The sifting frames are made of completely dried first quality wooden material using metric tolerance with maximum resistance and tightness.

The sifting frames and insert frame are covered by dual face laminate material with maximum hygiene. Casing platforms are made of dual face laminated material as a standard, and optionally stainless steel.

Passages doors are made of fiberglass with a bright and smooth surface, using insulation to prevent condensation, are manufactured using the cast method and have a highly resistant structure.

The plan sifter frames are tightened using two mechanisms capable of compressing all of the four corners irrespective of height, while the transfer of the mechanisms out of the passage ensures hygiene and facilitates quick maintenance.


  • Minimized maintenance thanks to extreme ease of handling.
  • Excellent sifting efficiency thanks to high dynamic acceleration.
  • Up to 32 sieves per compartment.
  • Wide range of applications with 4, 6, 8, and 10 compartments.
  • High sifting capacity in a minimum space.
  • Easy access for cleaning.
  • 16, 00 — 110, 00 m2 net sleve area.
  • Excellent sanitation.