It is used to discharge stored bulk bran and similar product from storage bins, concrete, steel and plastics VIBRATORY DISCHARGER and provides smooth operation.


The new VIBRATORY DISCHARGER of the VDF - VDB have been studied for the conveyance of granular and powdered products in general and in particular, the cereals, oleaginous seeds and by-products.

Every aspect of the project has been carefully considered in order to obtain high-standard quality machines.

The machine can be provided both in the galvanised and in painted versions.

A particular attention has been dedicated to safety measures, to the prevention of accidents and to the environmental protection laws.


  • Cheap and simple VIBRATORY DISCHARGER design Durability and long lifetime
  • Regular and trouble free discharging
  • Easy accessibility to mechanical parts from outside when the VIBRATORY DISCHARGER is
  • filled
  • Minimum height
  • Silent operation
  • Low energy consumption