It is used in flour factories to separate the flour attached to the bran produced in the grinding stage.


It is used to separate the flour from the bran and to discharge it through the sifter pores while directing the bran to the exit part, with the method of compressing and whisking the product between the rotating palletized rotors that generate vibration from the rotor shaft with a special eccentric inside the machine and sifters that are mounted with respect to the capacity and efficiency required in the diagram. This machine separates the flour from the bran better, because it has an eccentric rotor shaft with balancing weight plates. High capacity and efficiency is obtained via the mono-block sifter used on a 360 degree cylindrical area around the rotor palettes. This machine is more efficient than other machines in which vibration is obtained by rubber support blocks or vibro motors.


  • During the production of the moving parts of this machine, prime quality durable steel materials that are appropriate for vibration and proper welding methods for these materials were used.
  • Low energy consumption, high efficiency
  • Enabling sifting in a larger area by using a sifter without an additional frame
  • Easy and fast sifter replacement
  • Hassle-free operation
  • Energy and space efficiency when compared to using two single-direction machines
  • Higher capacity and efficiency due to the eccentric shaft.