It is a robustly constructed long-life cleaner that is used for sifting long parts and smaller, round particles in cereals, together with broken grains


The machine sifts unwanted particles within the grains by rotation of a cylinder that has pockets on it. During the rotation in the machine, which is fitted with a pocketed cylinder that is appropriate for the cereal to be processed, the unwanted particles and broken grains in the cereal are gathered in the cylinder pockets. These particles fall into the discharge spiral after reaching a certain height, and then conveyed to the waste line by the spiral screw. The particles remaining in the cylinder are conveyed to the product discharge line at the tip of the cylinder, either through rotational motion in the inclined cylinders, or the combination of a bottom scraping spiral and rotational motion in the lower part of the non-inclined cylinders.


  • Precise sifting capability that prevents product loss
  • Optional two or three layers of cylinders depending on capacity
  • Compact, operator friendly design that ensures ease of maintenance and operation
  • Maximum operation efficiency and low operation costs
  • Minimum need for maintenance by virtue of the high quality components and top notch production