It eliminates the dust, the arista and beards from the kernels and also it crumbles insects and detaches empty kernels and lumps of mud. An intensive friction and rubbing action between the kernels, the cover and the paddle type beaters will reduce the potential of bacteria in all


The Scourer is used to clean the wheat and similar grain from dust, to separate the small-size soil particles, foreign materials, grass etc. from the grain by breaking into pieces and to realize limited debranning process in the four mills. Every aspect of the project has been carefully considered in order to obtain high-quality machines.

The machine can be provided both in the galvanised and in the painted version.

Particular attention should be shown to the safety measures, the prevention of accidents and the environmental protection laws.


  • Low energy consumption and high efficiency
  • Possibility of working in a combination with an air canal on the same level (floor)
  • Easy and quick replacement of the screen Minimum maintenance and easy cleaning
  • Noiseless working condition
  • Efficient cleaning process
  • Eliminates dust, beard of ears and peel of the grain
  • Crumbles the insects, disintegrates the empties caryopses and the truss of earth and
  • reduces the bacterial masse due the intensive rubbing.