It is designed to measure the speed and weight of continuous material production for monitoring granular materials. Accurate information about mill yield is obtained by installing a scale scale on different product lines


The new Extraction Scale of the ESB Series has been studied to check the process extraction of granular and powder products in granular grains, oilseeds and by-products. Every aspect of the project has been carefully handled to achieve high standard machines. The machine can be supplied both painted and flat.

Special attention has been given to safety measures, accident prevention and environmental protection laws. Electrical energy and compressed air are generally used in ESB machines.

Important specifications on network voltage;

  • Maximum voltage nominal value is 10 %
  • Maximum web frequency is 2 %

The features of air to be used;

  • Saltless
  • Neat
  • Oil-free


  • Entirely PLC-controlled system
  • Tolerance error warning alarm
  • Dust - free working conditions due to an aspiration system
  • Easy maintenance by removing side covers
  • Three different models for wheat, flour or semolina and bran
  • Using reducer motor driven hoeing eliminates bran blockage Precise weighing
  • Illuminated indication for Zero and net weight
  • Keyboard calibration and set up
  • Programmable data output either in demand mode or continuous
  • Automatic level control
  • PC connection possibility