It is used in flour factories to separate the flour attached to the bran produced in the grinding stage.


The bran finisher flour milling, an essential part of the flour milling process, is deployed during the final grinding phase to eliminate clinging particles from the bran. This machinery comprises a perforated stainless steel screen section with a rotor. Separation is accomplished through a rapidly rotating rotor equipped with angled blades. The product is propelled onto the perforated screen, facilitating the passage of flour through the sieve pores and directing it into a receptacle connected to the flour chamber. Given that bran finisher flour milling particles exceed the size of the sieve pores, they are retained within the sieve drum and discharged through dragging. The machine features an ALAPROS patented center adjusting mechanism, which governs product speed to ensure optimal efficiency. Additionally, a vibrating bran finisher is available to enhance performance.


  • Low energy consumption and high output
  • Minimum and easy maintenance
  • Durability and long lifetime
  • Practical and easy cleaning process
  • Quick and easy replacement
  • Noiseless working condition
  • Trouble free operation
  • Less space is needed, when double model is used
  • Different air connection possibilities per request