It is a highly effcient cleaner that sifts by airflow, weeding out all cereal products such as wheat, rye, barley, corn, etc. and the particles that are lighter than grains, and unwanted objects (such as straw, hay, anther particles, crust, dust) in other materials that are to be processed in a production line.


The machine is designed and manufactured with the vacuum system to separate unprocessed grains such as dust, light impurities, broken cores.


  • Low energy consumption and high efficiency
  • Regular and uniform grain that spread by means of the vibration of the feeder Easy and
  • practical cleaning
  • Minimum and easy periodic maintenance
  • Connection possibility to the ventilating system
  • Perfect cleaning and separation process due to precise adjustment
  • Pre-decantation allows a better separation,
  • Air flow with an increasing and adjustable speed.