It is used to separate air from the product, which is discharged from a cyclone separator into pneumatic systems. It is installed underneath the cyclone separators and air filters. It works with the negative pressure as well as an air seal against leakage.


It is used to convey both the granular and processed products by vaccumized air than the product is separated from air and canalized to discharge.The product - air mixture is conveyed to discharge by means of a ne tolerance provided between body and rotor than vaccum is eliminated and the product is freely discharged.


  • Provides perfect separation of air and dust particles in the cyclone
  • due to its very precise fabrication.
  • Provides various drive possibilities, such as :
  • By geared motor, direct anged
  • By geared motor, with coupling
  • Several air locks can be coupled together
  • Minimum maintenance
  • High efciency