It is used in all stages of grinding in cereal processing plants, especially in flour/semolina plants, to classify by-products according to grain size and to separate flours.

The product that comes from the single or double entry product inlet box to the top crate of the assembled machine, moves along the crate to the exit based on the working principle of the machine. This way, the product is sifted into different grain types in normal and horizontally partitioned passage. The machine is manufactured in two types. The standard 64*64 crate with normal sifter area, and the Jumbo 74*74 crate with a wider sifter area. The machine is designed to provide the necessary oscillation via the rotating adjustable weights that are assembled on the shaft at the center of the machine. This way, effcient and precise sifting is ensured. The frames used in the crates are manufactured in two types. The standard wooden frames and nova frames made of stainless steel or aluminum material. The structure of the sifter is free from dents or holes that may harbor bacteria and has a smooth construction. In the frames, nylon silk or stainless wire silk is used depending on the product type to be ground and in line with the diagram.


  • During the production of this machine, prime quality durable steel materials that are appropriate for vibration and proper welding methods for these materials were used.
  • It is possible to adjust the over-the-sifter space by using crates of different heights, and the under-the-sifter space by using interposition bars, thus ensuring high capacity.
  • Depending on the type of the machine, It is possible to use 24 to 30 rows of crates In each passage.
  • In order to prevent condensation, it Is possible to make insulation on demand by wood sheathing or chrome plating in the inner parts of the machine.
  • Along with assembly rods, safety ropes are included in every corner as standard.
  • To secure the crates, a system that applies pressure from above, which can be adjusted to distribute the pressure towards the corners of the crate' is available at the top Inlet of the sifter.



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