In the classifier-destoner machine, cereals, pulses and other similar products fall on to the first layer of the machine, which has a double sifter system. Here, due to ventilation and vibration, product grains and heavier unwanted particles spread perfectly on the sifter surface. The sifter used here is divided into 3 equal parts and classification is exclusively made at this level. While the coarse waste goes to the waste line at the exit of the machine, the particles such as stone, earth, etc. fall on to the stone gathering bunker at the product inlet. The product falls on to the sifter surface at the bottom level. Since the surface of the sieve at this level is specially designed and due to the ventilation-aided sieving method, while the products are conveyed to the product gathering bunker at the exit, particles such as stone, earth, etc. fall on to the stone gathering bunker at the inlet. Another important factor for eciency in this machine is the angle adjustment and vibration stroke settings of the machine.


  • During the production of the moving parts of this machine, prime quality durable steel materials that are appropriate for vibration and proper welding methods for these materials were used.
  • The option to change the inclination angle of the sifter surface for sifting flexibility.
  • Durable and long-life construction
  • High quality silent vibro-motors and perfect vibration design
  • Maximum operation efficiency and low operation costs
  • High level of sifting/cleaning capability
  • Ease of cleaning and usage, thanks to the easily changeable sifter surfaces
  • Adjustable air pressure



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